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In Alaska, the Anchorage Pediatric Group offers medical services in pediatrics - Growing healthly Alaskans for over sixty years

Growing Healthy Alaskans for Over 60 Years 

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Janet Alexander, MD
Susan Beesley, MD
Jody Butto, MD
Jodi Elliott, DO
John Heimerl, MD
Willow Monterrosa, MD
Matt Serna, MD
Jennifer Austin, CPNP
Terri Bostwick, CPNP
Shannon Smith, PA
Charles Ryan, MD (Retiring Soon)
Ron Keller, MD (Retired)

Janet Alexander, M.D.

Look!  Up in the sky!  It's a bird....It's a plane....It's....Janet Alexander?  You betcha.  A mild-mannered pediatrician by day, Dr. Alexander exits work from the Providence phone booth wearing her paragliding gear and looking for something tall to fly off.  She's pretty good at controlling her landings, but you might want to park your car in the covered garage, just in case.
Dr. Alexander has been a member of APG since 1991.  Born and raised in Ohio, she is the only person to ever attend Ohio State University for both college and medical school while paying absolutely no attention to the OSU football team. 
Upon completing her pediatric residency at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Dr. Alexander wanted to move to the mountains of Colorado, while her husband preferred Alaska.  Dr. Alexander agreed to move to Alaska, figuring the two states were about the same.  Wrong!  Alaska is far superior.
Dr. Alexander's worst childhood illness?  Recurrent ear infections
Her interests?  Paragliding, downhill skiing, camping, cross-stitching, and spending time with her family.
Turn-offs?  Llamas.
Her advice for patients and families?  "You owe your children a parent during their first 20 years.  You can be their friend later.  Friends support each other even if they're wrong.  A parent supports and teaches how to do the right thing."
Her favorite part of being a healthcare provider?  "Getting to know my patients and their families, and watching these patients grow up to raise their own families."

Janet Alexander, M.D.

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J. Alexander, MD   S. Beesley, MD   J. Butto, MD   J. Elliott, DO   J. Heimerl, MD   W. Monterrosa, MD   M. Serna, MD  
J. Austin, CPNP   T. Bostwick, CPNP   S. Smith, PA  
R. Keller, MD (Retired)
   C. Ryan, MD (Retiring Sept. 2016)  

Anchorage Pediatric Group 3340 Providence Dr., Building A, Suite 500, Anchorage, AK 99508-4616
Tel: 907-562-2423