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In Alaska, the Anchorage Pediatric Group offers medical services in pediatrics - Growing healthly Alaskans for over sixty years

Growing Healthy Alaskans for Over 60 Years 

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Ron Keller, M.D.

Is it possible for a man born in a town called Deadwood to always have a bright smile on his face?  If it's Ron Keller, APGs most experienced pediatrician, the answer is yes!
It's been trendy to move to Alaska since the pipeline boom of 1975.  But the folks who really deserve our respect are those who kept Alaska moving before the oil was flowing.  Practicing in Anchorage since 1973, Dr. Keller is a happy person with a calm demeanor who enjoys seeing his former patients bringing their own children to APG.
Raised in South Dakota and Montana, Dr. Keller's experience as a ranch hand and surveyor helped forge the work ethic that allowed him to earn a college degree from Montana State College. 
After medical school and residency at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Dr. Keller had college debt to his wife!  He agreed to let his wife pick the state in which they would reside, if he could pick the city.  After his Alaska-raised wife chose her home state, Dr. Keller quickly learned that the choice of cities was quite limited.  Aren't we citizens of Anchorage lucky?
Dr. Keller's worst childhood illness?  A close call between pneumonia and a double hernia.  Ouch.
His favorite part of being a healthcare provider?  "Watching children change over the years."
His advice for patients?  "Have fun or change your job!"
His interests?  Fishing, woodworking, growing big plants, umpiring youth softball games, and spending time with his family.
A Farewell from Dr. Keller: 
To my patients and parents of patients,
On January 1, 2013 I have closed my practice with Anchorage Pediatric Group. Most of you know that during last five years I worked only half time. Your indulgence was appreciated during those years. I discovered the value of totally not working when I took off last summer. I now ask that you establish medical care with another physician.
Medical records will continue to be maintained at Anchorage Pediatric Group and you should feel free to establish care with any of my colleagues. I know that most of you have had an opportunity to visit with another provider in the office during my absences and I am not assigning my practice to anyone. I feel the various personalities there will allow everyone to make a compatible choice and each of them are happy to ensure your health care continues without a hitch.
I have always enjoyed the office practice; the hospital work with sick patients not so much. Night call always has been an albatross. I will dearly miss the patients and their parents. Art work with wood, learning to use the lathe and welder, helping with the wild grandkids and other projects will keep me busy. My wife of nearly 46 years was born here and will remain, so I too will be around. Please stop me and say “Hi” (and remember to tell me your name).
I will miss everyone. Thank you all for the wonderful 40-year experience, the ability to slowly transition into retirement, and all the memories.
Ron Keller, MD

Ron Keller, M.D.

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